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On custom WORK

So... you want a shirt that's got orange and purple

and green and three spirals with pink and yellow


Have you ever hired a wedding photographer? If

not, I'm confident you are aware that wedding

photography is really expensive, and justifiably so.

When mechanics, plumbers and CPAs are doing

your work, it's because you believe they will do a

good job at something where your skills might be

lacking, right? Do you call and tell them what tools

they'll need or how long it will take? Do you watch

over their shoulders and give advice? Certainly tie

dye is an art form, not a trade, but if you like my

expression, why would you ask me to do

something different?

This isn’t to say that custom work will not happen, but I stress work, and remind you that for many artists, the joy of creation fades with the imposition of external constraint and expectation.  Wouldn’t you have more fun making your own? Don’t get me wrong.  I will do custom work and truly appreciate the inquiries. I am flattered.  I just want to be clear up front that, for me, and others, tie dye is a joyous art and creative practice.  I find that internally and externally imposed limits on the creative flow are likely to result in expectations.  I want you to be happy and stress over whether or not you will be satisfied.  I find myself trying to force color combinations that don’t feel natural and work outside my normal confort zone.  Sometimes this leads to new discoveries, and sometimes... well, I learn from those, too.  Feel free to ask, but if I hesitate or decline, remember, it’s not you, it’s me, and that might change a few weeks down the road.
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